Turn 2 Tournament Payment Options    

We offer 3 options to pay tournament fees.
Please keep tournament entry and fee deadline dates in mind when paying for a tournament.

Option 1:

 Login to your USSSA account and your team can pay for a tournament, for multiple tournaments, or for multiple teams all at once in your shopping cart. You must already be registered to use this option.

 It is the easiest and preferred way to pay.

Option 2:

Pay with PayPal or Venmo
*small fee applied for all PayPal transactions

Pay for Tournament
Team Name & Manager Name
Tournament Date

Option 3:

Payment by check
 Please make all checks payable to Turn 2 Tournaments. The check must be in the form of a money order or cashier’s check. All checks must be received 8 days prior to the tournament AND/OR before the event sells out. Post dated checks are accepted and must be dated at least 8 days priors to the event.

Please mail checks to:

Turn 2 Tournaments  
PO Box 3790
Turlock, CA 95381