We want to thank you for choosing Turn 2 Tournaments. It is our goal to make this event a positive experience for your girls and their families. Below is some important information and necessities for playing in our tournaments.

All of our tournaments will be USSSA sanctioned and we ask every team be registered with USSSA. If you have not done that yet, you can click HERE to register.

We will also need ALL teams to have their rosters online prior to playing in the event. It will be your responsibility to have your roster online with the correct players playing that weekend. In addition, the USSSA online system cannot award any USSSA points to your team for their placing in the event without that roster online. Once your roster is posted online, the system will retroactively award the points from previous events.

All teams must have the tournament fee paid in full before their first game.  Please be sure to have a representative take care of this prior to the tournament.

Please navigate through the tournament checklists in the column to the right to help find what you will need for each tournament. Resources for tournament rules, roster rules, park info, etc. can all be found in the quick links below.

The staff at Turn 2 Tournaments wants to make sure your experience with us is dedicated to putting the girls first. It is our goal to provide everyone with an atmosphere that is conducive to youth athletics. This includes good sportsmanship by coaches, fans, and players and will not tolerate anything different.                                     


  1. Team is registered at USSSA.com
  2. All players playing this weekend are on USSSA roster.
  3. Print player USSSA roster. 
  4. Print team’s proof of insurance
  5. Copies of player’s birth certificate or age verification document.
  6. All payments are paid for tournament.
Items to Bring to the Tournament:
1. Completed USSSA Roster with all players listed on it.
2. Proof of Team insurance.   (This can be purchased while you are logged in at USSSA.com)
3.  Proof of age of players: Copies of birth Certificates

-All players who participate in an event must be listed on your USSSA online roster before the start of the event.
-All rosters must be completed with at least 9 players on the roster at least 8 days prior to the event you are playing in.